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DFT & Electron Holography

Just accepted in Physical Review Letters! Quantitative agreement between electron-optical phase images of WSe2 and simulations based on electrostatic potentials that include bonding effects S. Borghardt, F. Winkler, Z. Zanolli, M. J. Verstraete, J. Barthel, A. H. Tavabi, R. E. … Continue reading

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Metal-Insulator in semiconductor surfaces

Just published! Quasi-One-Dimensional Metal-Insulator Transitions in Compound Semiconductor Surfaces. Existing examples of Peierls-type 1D systems on surfaces involve depositing metallic overlayers on semiconducting substrates, in particular, at step edges. Here we propose a new class of Peierls system on the … Continue reading

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Spintronics by Design

My work “Graphene-multiferroic interfaces for spintronics applications” has just been published on Scientific Reports. First principles calculations tell us the best way to combine the properties of two class of materials – graphene and multiferroics – in a new hybrid … Continue reading

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May 31st: deadline for the 21st ETSF workshop

Dear Theoretical Spectroscopy Scientist, the deadline to submit an abstract to the 21ETSF workshop is approaching fast! We need *you* to make it a successful meeting.  But – most important – you need this workshop to – showcase your best … Continue reading

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Harry Kroto

A simple thought for Harry Kroto, 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Curl and Smalley for the discovery of C60 – fullerene. Graphics is my own. G M T Detect language Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaijani Basque Belarusian Bengali Bosnian … Continue reading

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21st ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations: Dynamics and spectroscopy of correlated systems

Download here the poster announcement (A3 format) of the 21st ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations! The workshop, which focuses on the Dynamics and Spectroscopy of Correlated Systems, will be held in Lund, 19-23 September 2016. Registration is open at … Continue reading

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21st ETSF Workshop: Registration Open!

Registration is open for the 21st edition of the ETSF Workshop! The workshop will be held at Lund University, on September 19 – 23, 2016. This year topic is “Dynamics and spectroscopy of correlated systems”. Please see below a list … Continue reading

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