in memoriam of Mildred Dresselhaus

This year I have been invited to the ETSF Young Researchers Meeting to deliver a very special presentation: a talk in memoriam of Mildred Dresselhaus. I have accepted the invitation and saw it both as an honor and a duty to carry the legacy of Millie to the next generation of researchers.

Millie was an exceptional scientist. Her work impacted the development of energy materials, lithium-ion batteries, electronic devices,  carbon nanomaterials and 2D layered materials. In addition, she was committed to actively promote the cause of women in science.  I believe this is the most difficult legacy to carry on, as there number of women in leading position is still limited.

I post here my presentation (2017_06_YRM_millie) and I thank once more the organizers of the conference for their great professional work. Incidentally, this has been my last Young Researchers Meeting: the best possible way to mark my transition to “research adulthood”.


Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus at MIT, Boston


Mildred Dresselhaus’s Laboratory at Cornell University.

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