Invited talk at the APS March Meeting 2015

This year I have the honor and the pleasure of presenting my research at the world largest Physics conference: the APS March Meeting. My invited talk will deal with “Magnetoelectic multiferroic superlattices and interfaces: Designing spintronic materials from first principles”

You can find me at the Focus Session Q32 “Magnetic Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures: Electric Field and Magnetoelectric Effects”, on Wednesday March 4, in San Antonio, Texas.

I will present results on the electric control of the magnetization (Zanolli PRB 2013) and on the phase diagram (Rispens PRB 2014) of BiFeO3/LaFeO3 superlattices, and – of course – the latest results from my GraFIEST project, funded by a Marie Curie IEF.


Atomic structure of a BiFeO3/LaFeO3 superlattice obtained from first principle relaxation. Oxygen, Bismuth, Lanthanum and Iron atoms are, respectively, in red, green, orange and light blue. Artistic view from PRB 88, 060102(R) (2013). Image credit: Zeila Zanolli.



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