PRB kaleidoscope!

Structure of a BiFeO3/LaFeO3 1/1 superlattice epitaxially grown on (001)-SrTiO3. [Z. Zanolli, J. C. Wojdeł, J. Íñiguez, and Ph. Ghosez, Phys. Rev. B 88, 060102 (2013)]

This figure of my paper “Electric control of the magnetization in BiFeO3/LaFeO3 superlattices” has been selected as one of the PRB Kaleidoscope images for August 2013! I’m glad they liked it!

Kaleidoscope is for promoting interest in the aesthetics of physics. I believe this is important for a number of reasons. First, because a beautiful image attracts interest and curiosity. A well-designed figure can make understandable to non-experts’ audience the main message hidden in very complex phenomena. We remember images more easily  than lengthy sentences or equations. Visualization is the key for understanding, at least for myself.

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6 Responses to PRB kaleidoscope!

  1. mcddanielle says:

    That reminds me of something I’m working on… Nice!


  2. Looks interesting. I have worked with 12 atoms metallic nanoclusters + metallic CNTs… not that far, indeed. The interesting part comes when the clusters are magnetic 😉


  3. Oscar Antonio Restrepo G says:

    Nice pictures, images for my are very interesting and more understandable, nice work! it is very insetting to have news of you!


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